Tom Kates, Behind the Scenes

Greetings.  This site is meant to be an entertaining often humorous look at the behind the scenes world of photographer Tom Kates.  As many of you know, one of the special qualities of the job of assignment photographer is the varied, sometimes crazy, places that we end up shooting our pictures in.  Tom Kates is one of those photographers who with some frequency, gets to pinch himself to remind him of how special some of these situations really are.  From oceans and lakes, to underground mines, to freezing mountaintops, to standing in rushing rivers the list of unusual places is long.  Tom Kates is hopeful that some of the images and stories shared here, can be a venue for others to enjoy as well as share there own interesting stories.

If you want to see the formal web sites of Tom Kates, please go to his website or additionally to his foundFolios site which contains an even larger sampling of his work.  Also you might want to connect with him on Linkedin, or see his American Society of Media Photographers page.  Further Tom Kates has a black and white blog that might be of interest.  Please look through these links and enjoy.  Please feel free to look at other sites such as Tom’s outdoor blog, as well as sites that give you his basic information.

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